Move Over Fry, There Are Some New Boots In Town

Every Hot Travelin Mama (HTM) needs a pair of go to boots. For me the journey to the boots has been more work then the trip they were (finally) purchased for! It has been a long journey filled with internet searches, Zappos, PiperLime, EMU, UGGS and of course Nordstrom just to name a few. As any good online shopper would know the search consumed a good many waking hours…. and I am sure some of the sleeping ones as well. There were gorgeous boots everywhere I looked but very few that were fabulous, and Hot Mama Friendly, I just didn’t see myself chasing after three boys with boots on that had a 4 inch heal. Some of you mamas might be able to pull that off, the only thing I would accomplish with that is a quick trip to the ER. Finally I settled on a pair, ironically they just happened to be the same boots my husband bought me last year for Christmas that, of course( I promptly returned. It seems as though a year later and countless internet searches behind me, he knew what was best all along! What are these fantastic boots you may ask. Well, of all things they the Keen Bern Baby Bern Boot by Keen Footwear. Even after the countless hours of searching I was a little bit skeptical would they be all I wanted. Turns out they are a dream come true! I have worn them for 6 days straight now through the icky gray rain and wind of a midwest November and I am in LOVE. To give you an idea of how deep this love is, I have my Fry boots packed in my suitcase and have not even taken them out, except the one time I needed to move them so I could get to my running shoes.  The Keens have kept my feet warm, dry and I think they look pretty good while traipsing around the city with three little ones quietly and calmly by my side. OK, who am I kidding, they look good as I chase down three energetic boys through the streets of Chicago.

So all you Hot Travelin Mammas out there these boots are a must have for your next fall/winter trip.

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