Shea’s Travel Journal – John Hancock Observetory

This is the John Hancock Center

My favorite part of our trip to Chicago was that we got to go to the obsovetory on the 94th floor of   the John Hancock Center. It only takes 39 seconds to get to the obsovetory. The ride up didn’t really feel fast, but it was fast. There was a voice in the elevator that talked non stop (the voice was kind of annoying, I’m glad the ride up was fast!)

When we got to the top I saw EVERYTHING!

This is the view north from the Observatory

I liked to see Lake Michigan because you could almost see the other side. I heard on a clear day you can see all the way across to the state of Michigan! WOW!

They have an audio tour for kids and adults. I did the one for kids. There were ten stops on the kids audio tour. Each stop described what you were looking at out the window. On the audio tour it told me that the pretty big ferris wheel that I could see on Navy Pier was a copy of the very first Ferris Wheel that was made by Mr. Ferris for Chicago’s World Fair. From that high I could see the top of many buildings. Some buildings had flat roofs, some had gardens on the roof and I also saw swimming pools. When I looked down the people on the ground looked like miniature army men.

From the John Hancock Observatory Water Tower Looked like it was made out of blocks!

The old Chicago  Water Tower was right below where I was looking. From this high in the air the Water Tower looked like it was made out of blocks!

The antennas have a time capsule at the base of them. The time capsule has a letter from the Chicago Mayer, a baseball signed by the Chicago Cubs,and another baseball signed by the Chicago White Socks and even a pice of the Eifel Tower all the way from France!

The John Hancock building is very tall, but Boulder is stacked so high with land it is taller. In the observatory there is a place where its almost completely open. All there is between you and the outside is some netting. Its called the skywalk. On the skywalk I could hear lots of wind and some airplanes. I could smell the fresh air.

Even though you would think the John Hancock Building with 100 floors is the highest building in Chicago, it’s not the Sears tower has 5 more floors. That doesn’t even come close to the current tallest building in the world. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is 160 floors high. I wonder how long it takes to get to the 160th level, and if there is an annoying voice in the elevator!

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  1. MJB

    That is such an awesome blog! Way to go big kid!

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