Shooting Your Children On Vacation Is Legal!

Ok,before everyone gets all worried, the shooting I am talking about is with a camera and the only harm that might come to your child is that of an embarrassing photo you share at their highschool graduation.

In my fantasy life I would be a world renowned photographer, traveling the world and creating images that define our lives and our times…..since I am firmly planted in reality (at least most of the time) I satisfy that shutter bug dream by shooting (pun intended) my boys on vacation. Along the way I have found a few things that work, and some that don’t, when it comes to taking the best vacation photos possible.

Create a  Vacation Story with Photos

Somewhere in Nebraska only about 1,600 miles left... how long will those smiles last??

First Steps on Canadian Soil!!

Yes, we were THOSE Americans, Flying Old Glory at Parc national d'Oka in Quebec!

Choose to take images that capture the entire trip, loading the car, waiting at the airport, stopping at the gas station and tourist traps along the way, the beautiful food at your favorite new restaurant, you get the idea.By documenting every small part of your journey you can create some amazingly detailed visual stories. When you return from your vacation you and your children will enjoy working together to create a slide show or a storyboard using the images you captured to create a visual story of your vacation from start to finish.

Posing & Perspective

A Posed Photo Overlooking Montreal

By altering your position you can change the look and feel of your photo. Get above or below what you are photographing and don’t be shy about asking your subject to pose a certain way, turn and look at the city, wave to the taxi driver, walk along the street and turn back and look at the camera……. Often times a posed shot will appear more natural than you imagine it would.  The easiest way to get multiple perspectives of the same vacation is to hand the camera over to your child to see what the vacation looks like to them.  Often times they will end up with an artistic off beat representation of your family vacation. These photos tend to look fabulous framed and grouped together. Not to mention how excited your kids will be seeing their photos framed and hanging on the wall!


The Beauty of Natural Light

Be aware of lighting for those special, thought out portrait shots. If you know there is a certain look you are trying to get in order to capture the feel of your vacation, plan to take those photos in the early morning or late in the day to avoid the harsh sun. Cloudy gray days, the kind you don’t want on vacation make the perfect day  to head out and take your vacation photos. Remember even though lighting is important, you are on vacation, if there is the opportunity for a great shot that captures the perfect memory of your trip just happens to be at noon in the blaring sun, take it anyway!

Editing & Sharing

Editing Fun ~ Using iPhoto on the Mac

Simple editing tools can transform your photos into works of art. If you are not ready to splurge on Photoshop, then  iPhoto, Picassa or apps on your smart phone like Instagram Autostitch (for scenes that wont fit into one frame) iDarkroom (only available for iPhones) Pholeido (create wacky images on your iPhone, something my boys would find hilarious)and  Photo Grid, are all fun to play with. Once you have the images manipulated with the look you want, and have created your slide show or storyboard, the options for sharing them are endless! Blogs (including Lively Little Traveler) Flicker, Facebook & SmugMug are all fabulous online sharing options while places like Blurb & Shutterfly are top-notch sites for turning your images into a printed books.

Top 5 Ways To Create BAD photos

  • Forgetting to practice with a new camera
  • Spilling wax on the camera
  • Forgetting to charge the camara/batteries
  • Leaving the lens cap on, or getting your fingers in the picture
  • and the worst mistake I have made with my vacation photos was leaving the camera on the kitchen counter!

Although I always love looking back on the photos we took on vacation, often the best vacation memories occur when I step away from the camera and enjoy the moments we are creating as a family.

~Happy Shooting

**This list is by no means definitive, what are your favorite ways to capture travel memories/photos?**

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