The Secret Forest of Gnomes & Tiny Treasures

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“For all those who have kept their child heart or want to find it” ~ La Vallee Secrete

Just shy of 40 miles from Quebec City at the entrance to St-Raymond you will find a spellbinding valley. La Vallee Secrete or the Secrete Valley where an enchanting forest filled with gnomes and other tiny treasures is just waiting to be discovered.

Exploring this valley was one of the highlights of our summer in Montreal. One weekend we took a side trip to Quebec City and detoured through St.-Raymond to go gnome hunting. I remember when we were adding the extra drive time with three squirmy kids in the back seat I was thinking to myself, is this really worth it! We could be in Quebec City by now! Oh WOW, was it ever worth it. everything about this valley is absolutely delightful. I have never been in a place that exudes the feel of magic like La Vallee Secrete does. From the moment we put on our gnome hats, throughout the entire time spent solving clues in order to gain access into the magical world of Tinnini Nain the boys remained spellbound. La Vallee Secrete  truly embodies the magic and wonder that we all need more of in our lives.

The “Details”

Open from April to late December

Call ahead to check hours & make a reservation

Remember to dress for the weather

Bring a snack or picnic lunch to enjoy in the forest

And remember….it’s a secret……. shhhhh

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