Family Holiday in Boulder Colorado

With 300 days of sunshine a year Boulder is a great place to enjoy the holiday spirit. Typically the city is covered in a fresh blanket of snow with clear blue skies and sun shinning down on the city. In the winter, its not hard to stay active with all the fun things to do.  Here are a few of our favorite ways to spend a winters day  in Boulder:
  • Sledding: on the hill at Scott Carpenter Park (Arapahoe St. & 30th) or Foot Hills Community Park (off of Broadway & Violet in North Boulder)
  • Ice skating: Boulder has two wonderful outdoor ice rinks, complete with christmas music piping from the speakers. The Boulder Ice Rink  is located downtown at One Boulder Plaza, while Winter Skate At Central Plaza is located just east of downtown at the 29th Street Mall. Lace up your skates, dress warm and enjoy some good old fashioned fun!
  • The Playground at Whittier School (Pine and 20th) is  fun playground that just happens to be located in the historic Whittier neighborhood. When school is not in session anyone is welcome to enjoy the playground and large yard here. Whitter Elementary School, now designated as a historic landmark, was built in 1882 and has been the longest continually running school in all of Colorado.
  • Gateway Fun Center  OK, I will admit, this one is not my favorite on the list. I try and stay as far away from any type of “fun center” that I can. However, my boys really enjoy it so…… on occasion we go and spend money to win cheep prizes… yes a kids dream come true who doesn’t need more plastic bracelets or parachute men, right? (note the heavy sarcasm in much of the last few sentences….)  Really, it’s not that bad, the boys love it and it helps feed my secret ski ball addiction!
  • Bowling: The only bowling alley in Boulder is located on the campus of CU Boulder in the Student Untion. CU Bowling Alley The Connection  Located in the basement of the student union it doesn’t have the best ambiance in all of Boulder! However, it has bowling, lane bumpers available on request, and during the day it is almost always mellow.
  • Hiking: You could hike every day in Boulder and always discover something new and different. In the winter months two great hiking locations are the Mt. Sanitas Valley Trail and  the trails at Chautauqua.
  • If time permits, a day trip to Nederland (about 30 miles up the canyon) will take you to The Carousel of Happiness this stunning carousel is truly a work of art and dedication. When you are there make sure to visit the gift shop for handmade wooden toys by local, Grandpa Gene’s Folk Toys (disclosure alert.. he’s my neighor so I might be a little bit biased, but really the quality of his work is top notch!)
  • Pearl St. mall is made for kids, The Boulder Bookstore has a wonderful childrens section, restauarnts accomidate children, and they can climbing on the statues & rocks. The climbing rocks in-front of  Peppercorn were just “re-done” this summer while the animals are further east and located in front of The Walking Company very close to Pearl St.’s only toy store Into The Wind.
  • There is a great little playground at Boulder Day Nursery (located across the street from Illegal Pete’s) although there is a fence around the park, it is a public playground, go ahead and unlatch the gate and come in and play.
  • We have not done this but bmoca is supposed to have a scavenger hunt, and I think there is a kid friendly one, more information can be found here:
  • Another one we haven’t done is the Holiday tea at the Boulderado  It looks beautiful, maybe I should give it a try and see what the boys think. Every year the Boulderado has a stunning Christmas tree in the lobby.
  • North Boulder Rec Center has a GREAT pool for little kids, shallow entry, slides, basketball nets all you need for a fun afternoon at the pool.
  • WOW Children’s Museum in Lafayette is a great place to head if it’s too cold to be outside
  • When night falls and you are walking along Pearl St. make sure to look up and find the star of lights that is shinning down from the foothhills.
  • It’s always fun to through leafs and sticks off the bridge near the library into Boulder Creek, fun and free 🙂
  • The best holiday lights in Boulder county are located in Lafayette in the Blue Harron neighborhood. This website will give you a sample of what this house is like. For a more traditional lights tour make sure to drive through Boulder’s historic Mapleton Hill District.
When you are ready to come in from the cold, make sure to warm up with some hot cider or hot chocolate. You can’t go wrong at any of these great spots:
Enjoy and Happy Holidays From Beautiful Boulder Colorado
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4 thoughts on “Family Holiday in Boulder Colorado

  1. Hi,
    Sounds like it has a bit of something for everyone, a great place to visit. I hope one day to be able to visit a few places in the US. 🙂

    • dawnhbrady

      There really is something for everyone! I am sure you will make it over to visit the states someday. What would be on the top of your must see list in the US?

      • I would definitely like to see the Grand Canyon, I think that would be spectacular. There are a few place in Arizona I would like to see, Horseshoe bend on the Colorado river, and of course the Meteor Crater, although this one is on Private land. 😀

      • dawnhbrady

        Yes the Grand Canyon is amazing, if you can hike down and camp at the bottom it is truly a unique experience…. well it’s unique even from the top :)! Have you heard of Havasuapi Falls? It is near the Grand Canyon and very spectacular as well. There are so many places out there!

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