Why Traveling With Kids Is The Best

First Steps In Canada

Last night, I read a post on Facebook where the poster was asking her followers, “who is your favorite traveling companion” I thought this was a great question, and it was wonderful to read the responses, they ranged everywhere from people who prefered to travel Solo, to those who had a specific person that they travel with really well. Of course it made me start thinking, who is my favorite travel companion…… I quickly realized, as crazy as it sounds my favorite travel companions are tiny, messy and can’t carry their own suitcase, yes I really do enjoy traveling with my kids (and husband of course). I know that traveling with kids can be filled with challenges, loads of gear and “emergencies” but once you can get past all that, kids really are the best traveling partners and here is why:

1. They are amazed at smallest thing, and notice the small details that you may otherwise miss. – of course right now I am too tired to remember any of those details, but maybe they will come to me in the morning and I can add them in 🙂

2. You get to know the locals. I find that when I travel with my boys they open up doors to meeting locals that may not have existed if I was traveling with a group of adults.

3. Watching your kids grow and change so much with each new experience, as they learn to navigate subway maps, ask for food in a new language, or gain an understanding of the differences and similarities that exist within each of us.

4. Watching your kids gain confidence as they meet new friends at parks, beaches and playgrounds around the word.

5. You have experiences that you would never have had otherwise…. with out the boys I would have never hunted for gnomes in Quebec (http://www.valleesecrete.com/) Heard stories about buried pirate treasure in Costa Rica, my husband would have never gotten to push a stroller with a jet lagged little one all over the streets of Budapest in the wee hours of the morning, or ever learned to pretend that I enjoy flying (I can’t let on my fear of flying with I am with the boys right….)

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t pass up a solo trip, or better yet a getaway with the husband. For the near future, it looks like all travel will be with the boys and that is perfect to me.

That completes my top 5 list of why my kids are my favorite travel companions. Who is your favorite person to travel with? Why?

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4 thoughts on “Why Traveling With Kids Is The Best

  1. So true! Kids are pretty fun to explore the world with. Making me excited for our summer adventures!

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