Two Days Until We Leave!

I can’t believe it, only two days until we leave. It has been such a crazy, sad, wonderful last few weeks, wonderful to see so many friends and family, and sad to be saying good-bye to all of them!! It has been so sweet how friends have really found the time to see us before we leave. Thank You!

Shea had some perfect “good-bye” play dates at the park with friends,  getting ice cream, bowling, eating at Chipotle (favorite restaurant) and a Birthday Party at the Denver Outlaws Lacrosse game on Saturday….. was that crazy to plan on having a birthday party  the day before we leave? I think it will actually be a really nice way to spend our last (for a while)  evening in Colorado. Today in his class at school they had a going away party for him and his student teacher Ms. Spencer. It was so sweet and he loves the scrapbook his class made for him…. although one of the cute girls in the class must have been gone the day they made it, he noticed that her page was not in there 😦

Tomorrow will be his last day of being a third grader and it is also the mother’s day tea! I can’t wait the kids will present their moms with the poetry books they have been working on all week, it will be the perfect last day….. if I can make it through without being an emotional wreck!

Zoli has gotten to see many of his friends at the same play dates that Shea has had, and had a wonderful birthday party at the YMCA Ice rink. That was the first time we did a party out of the house for one of the kids birthdays and it was amazing, I couldn’t believe how helpful the staff at the Y was! We got a chance to ice skate and visit with our friends from hockey and from Zoli’s class it was the perfect going away birthday party. Tomorrow at school they are doing their class world celebration, what a perfect event for Zoli’s last day of school before his own world adventure! I can’t believe that he will be a “first grader” after tomorrow, crazy!

I think the boys are excited, nervous and not really sure of what to expect!

My mom and sister were rock stars with getting the house packed and cleaned, It would have been painful to do it with out their help! Many of the details have been taken care of, international health insurance, mail forwarding, packing cleaning…… there are still bits and pieces left, but I hope we are in pretty good shape, fingers crossed that it won’t be a mad dash on Sunday !

I have had some perfect hikes with friends, a great dinner with  friends, and lots of fun with family when they were in town. The good byes are really hard, but I have discovered that my coping mechanism is to just try to shut of the emotions as much as possible. If I don’t I spend just about every moment of the day with tears in my eyes. A few weeks ago I went for a run and was crying because I only had a few more weeks to run “my route”….. I think that was when I told my self I really needed to just pull it together or else I would never be able to make it. I know in my heart that this opportunity will truly be a “trip of a lifetime” and hopefully lots of our friends and family will be able to come and visit

A few weeks ago I was talking with an amazing person that I know, she just happens to be a teacher at the boys school. I was telling her that it was starting to get hard to be thinking about all that we are leaving behind, she very gently reminded me that it will all be here when we are ready to come back…… That was exactly what I needed to hear. It really helps to give me the strength to make it through the good byes and to look ahead to the adventure and possibilities in front of us.

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