Last Day Of School

So today was the boys last day of school! It was certainly bittersweet. We are all very excited for this great opportunity, but we all feel a little bit sad at leaving our friends behind. As we were cleaning out his desk Shea said, “mom I’m going to miss my friends, I kind of wish I had one more day of school”

The Wold Celebration Day in Zoil’s class was so much fun, the best class event I have been to this year, and what a perfect last day for Zoli. Then I hopped over to Shea’s class for a mother’s day tea and poetry reading. It was really special to listen to the poems the kids wrote and to think back over the last three years that Shea has been at school there and remember what some of the kids were like when they were only 1st graders. They have all grown up so much and all their personalities really come out in their poetry books.

There have been so many good bye’s that I have started to become either really strong, or maybe an emotional ice princess just so I can make it through all of this without becoming a wreck… either way I was doing really well of not breaking down and crying too much, until I saw Erica (Erica if you are reading this you made me cry!!!) and then Shea’s first grade teacher gave me a hug and I lost it again, and then one of Shea’s good friends came running up to say good bye with a present and said how much he was going to miss him…. man the emotional ice princess cracked! Tears everywhere 🙂

Two more days here filled with last-minute packing, soccer, baseball a lacrosse game in Denver and then Mothers Day and then we are out of here off to London for vacation and on to a big adventure!

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2 thoughts on “Last Day Of School

  1. Hi,
    It is always hard to leave behind people that we have known for a long time, but once you get to your new home, it is a whole new beginning, another chapter in your life, and I have no doubt you will meet some very nice people, and I agree it will be an adventure, and a enjoyable one as well. 😀

  2. dawnhbrady

    Thank you! Yes, I agree we will meet some wonderful new friends on our next adventure! We are so fortunate to have this chance to have great friends here that we will come back to visit (and hopefully they will visit us) and also have the opportunity to meet new friends once we are moved and settled! Thank you! Have a great weekend!

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