The First 36 Hours

Pre Flight, Checking Out The Plane

The move/vacation started off great the boys did AWESOME on the flight, British Airways was great, everyone was really friendly and they even have pre-boarding for the kids. Not a lot of sleep that night, but NO complaining at all, they tried the food that was served……. tried being the important word, as not much was actually eaten! We landed and easily got our bags, found a shuttle to the hotel, we thought it was a free shuttle, turns out we were supposed to pay 🙂 whoops!

Took our “First Steps In London”

First Steps In London

Up until this point everything was going relatively easy, and then it became a comedy of errors. Before we left I had googled Gluten Free, Vegetarian Friendly restaurants for us to try. Thinking we were all tired but needed to eat and excited to get into London a bit we would take the tube a few stops and go to one of the restaurants, 222 Veggie Vegan Restaurant, for a good healthy meal and then right back to the hotel to get to bed early. So this is what not to do with three tired and hungry kids.

1. Take the tube and get off at the wrong station, thinking that it was between two stops we would be fine getting off at either one

2. Looking at a map and then taking a “shortcut”

3. After walking lost for over an hour with three hungry jet-lagged kids finally get to the street we were looking for only to find that we were at #14  North End Road and we needed to end up at #222 North End Road.

4. Decide to take a bus, get off the bus at the wrong stop. Walk a few blocks, realize we are on the wrong block, pay another $9.00 to ride the bus the rest of the way.

5. FINALLY have a delicious meal – Yeah!

6. Easily find the tube station back in the direction of the hotel, Quinn needs to use the bathroom at the station, do that only to miss the bus to the hotel by 1 minute, it must have arrived while we were in the bathroom, and see that the next bus was running in 30 minutes, ouch!

lesson learned, next time just get a meal in the hotel and then go to sleep :)!!

After that interesting introduction to London the kids all slept 15 hours and woke up around noon London time the next day! We took the tube into Piccadilly Circus Matt had read there was a Whole Foods there, and we had it totally mapped out so it would be easy to find. We thought we would get an easy lunch and then start exploring. As we were riding the escalator up from the tube I started to notice all these posters on the wall for the NEW Whole Foods that is opening on May 22nd! And we thought we were prepared! Not to worry, we turned a corner and then we saw:

Big Ben

It was totally cool to see Big Ben! Here is a little Big Ben trivia:

  • First quarter bell creates the musical note G Sharp when struck
  • Second quarter bell creates the musical note F sharp when struck
  • Third quarter bell creates the musical note E when struck
  • Fourth quarter bell creates the musical note B when struck

Then we walked across the River Thames and got a great view of Big Ben and The House of Parelement:

By this time the boys were so tired of getting their pictures taken!

Checking out the River Thames

We also saw the London Eye:

The London Eye

It looks so cool, we haven’t ridden on it yet. Maybe a different day, it does take about 30 minutes to complete one circle and travels 26 cm per second.

The boys LOVED the guards at Buckingham Palace, and tomorrow we might go to the Guard Museum,

Guarding Buckingham Palace

The weather is a bit different then Colorado, where I heard it was 80 degreese and sunny today:

Why yes, I am wearing mittens and we are using (for the first time ever) the rain cover on the stroller!!

For those of you counting down the days until the Summer Olympics, The Official Olympic Countdown in Trafalgar Square:

73 Days Until The Olympics

And if you made it all the way to the end of this really long post, you will be rewarded with an adorable picture of two of the boys 🙂

How Handsome Are These Boys

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2 thoughts on “The First 36 Hours

  1. Shea

    Love this Dawn!!

  2. makingthishome

    haha! I love the description of your first 36 hours. Hello backwards, crazy jetlag brain. Love the description of simply saying “shortcut”. Rolling over here!

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