Battling Jetlag

We are seeing a lot more sunsets then we are sunrises these days!

I keep feeling great about how well we are all handling the jet lag, and then this morning when we woke up at 11:00 for the third day in a row, I realized maybe we haven’t quite adjusted yet! I feel so bad for the cleaning women at the hotel every morning she opens the door to clean our room and then starts apologizing profusely when she realizes we are all still asleep. Although it is probably a good thing that she is opening the door or we would sleep until the middle of the afternoon!

Last night we picked up our rental car and headed out into the countryside. Matt impressed me with his ability to drive a manual transmission car on the wrong side of the road, I don’t think we have broken too many traffic laws just yet….. and I am doing my best not to utter small screams from the passenger side when I think another car is going to careen into us from what I think is the wrong side of the road!

We are about an hour from the town of Bath and we are  staying at the Church Farm Cottages just outside of the town. It looks stunning and I can’t wait to get there.

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