The Proof Is In the Pictures

**The internet connection at our cottage near Bath is (as the owners put it) “Spotty” what that really means is it only works in 5 minute increments. So I am sitting at the adorable Caffe Nero in the town of Bath to write this post. Matt has the boys, I am alone in a beautiful coffee shop in a beautiful town… I need to take my time writing this post**

If I didn’t have all the photos for visual proof that we are actually in England, I’m not sure I would belive it! This experience feels very surreal. Shea and I have been talking about how strange it is that we are not going “home” at the end of a vacation. I know that we will find a new “home” but there are times when knowing that we won’t be back in Colorado soon makes me feel homesick. However, that has not hampered us enjoying ourselves…. and this post is a little picture heavy, a little proof to myself that we really are here and wow, what a great time we are having!

On Tuesday, the boys were really into the guards at Buckingham Palace. On Wednesday we took them to the Royal Guard museum, One of the most interesting things I found there, was to read the British version on the American War of Independence. Same outcome but certainly with a twist from what I have learned at school. At the end of our visit, the boys got to try on a Bearskin (the tall fur hats, that the British Royal Guards typically wear as part of a ceremonial uniform). Although Quinn has adamantly decided he wants to be a member of the Royal Guard for Halloween he would not try the hat on for a photo.

Do You Like My Hat?

We couldn’t find any guards to get up close to and make funny faces at, but we did come across this guy….

This Guard (Statue) Wouldn’t Crack A Smile!

Near the Guard Museum we got to see rows and rows of guards practicing for Trooping The Color & The Queens Birthday on June 16th. ~The Queen is going to be busy in June, on the 5th of the month is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee  celebrating her 60 years as monarch. They have all ready closed down many of the streets around Buckingham Palace in order to prepare. I hope to see some of the celebration on TV, I think it will be fun to know that we were there just before it happened.

Practice Makes Perfect – Preparing for the Queens Birthday Parade

The boys legs were getting tired from all the walking so we had to double up in the stroller:

Doubling Up In The Stroller On The Streets Of London

When we were leaving on Sunday, it felt crazy  to bring a big jog stroller with us when we had so, so, so much other luggage, it turns out the big jog stroller has been one of the best things we have with us! (and to date, I have only crashed into one really old Abby door… not too bad considering)

The crappy ten dollar stroller we bought last summer at a drug store in Montreal would never hold two kids, or roll over cobblestone like the Urban Mountain Buggy does! ~best stroller EVER~

A little time spent feeding the ducks in St. James Park:

And a few from the bridge looking back at the London Eye and some other awesome building that is probably very historic and important but I have no idea what it is 🙂

For us, a golden rule of travel is to remember that after about two days of activity the boys need to have a “down” day. Time for them to unwind and not be running around a –lot. We didn’t even  make it to the end of the second day when it was more then evident that Quinn was ready for some down time…..

Serious pouting in Hyde Park….. mom I can’t walk another step

So we knew this was the perfect time to pack the car up and head to the English Countryside…. Yes Matt is driving on the “wrong” side of the road/”wrong” side of the car, with a stick shift, OMG it is crazy, I am trying to remain calm in the passenger seat and I am not doing a very good job…

WTF this is all on the “wrong” side!

Although London is amazing and there are so many more things we could have done there, I think a wave of calmness came over all of us to be in the countryside. The boys certainly look happy playing tag in front of the stunningly beautiful Bath Abbey

Tag – your IT

Mom – this is way more fun then all that walking you made me do in London!

I love this photo, you can just sense how happy Zoli is!

Run Matt Run! Don’t let Shea outrun you!

And one more picture, look at the love of a daddy and his big kid.

Love This Picture!

We found out that the Olympic flame arrived last night from Athens, and is only a few hours away from where we are. There was some serious consideration of going and seeing the running of the Olympic torch, but then we realized that it would be too much driving for the boys. Ahh well… I guess we can’t do it all! If you want to follow the Olympic Torch, here is a map of its route

Well, I am sure Matt is ready for a break from wrangling the boys on his own! I better leave this cozy coffee shop and head out into the rain.

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  1. Hi,
    Fantastic photos, and I love the captions as well. 🙂

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