Shea’s Travel Journal – Harry Potter Studio Tour

For my 9th birthday my mom and dad took me and my brothers to the Harry Potter Studio Tour just outside of London, it was really cool!

There was a long line, while we were waiting I saw pictures of the characters in the Harry Potter Films, and there was a flying car,with one blinking headlight, hanging from the ceiling.

hmmm… I wonder if I can take a flying car to school some day… then maybe I won’t be late like I am when my mom drives me!

The line also went by Harry’s cupboard under the stairs. It didn’t look comfortable, and I learned that a cupboard in England is what I would call a closet at home in the States. I would hate to have my bedroom be in a closet!

Well, at least it wouldn’t take to long to clean a bedroom this size!

After we got through the line (or queue as they call it here) we went into a room where it showed some scenes from the making of Harry Potter. Then it was time to enter the great hall. The doors looked just like the doors to Hogwarts in the movie. I heard some one call my name and I found out that because it was my birthday they chose me to open the doors into the Great Hall!! It was a little bit embarrassing to be in front of that many people. It was also a little bit cool, the doors were surprisingly light, but at first I thought you were supposed to pull the doors (in the movie I remember them opening out) it turns out at the studio tour they pushed in!

When my mom told me I was going to be going to a new school when we move, I never thought it would be Wizarding School!

WOW, the Great Hall!

The tour was split into three sections, two indoor and one outdoor.

The Great Hall can fit 28 double-decker buses of people! Wow that’s a lot of people. In the Great Hall there were the 4 house tables and some of the original costumes from the movies. The Gryffindor Common room and Harry’s Broom were my favorite things in the first section.

Then we went out side, where we had our first ever taste of  butter bear. My brothers loved it and I thought it tasted horrible and way too fizzy!

ICK! That is nasty!

My crazy brother actually likes this stuff! Weirdo on Wheels

Quinn also thinks this fizzy butter beer is good, both my brothers are Weirdo’s! Thank god I am the normal one in the family!

After drinking butter bear I got to drive the flying car – hmmmm maybe that was the wrong order, I always see signs that say don’t drink and drive…… what were my parents thinking!

Drinking Butter beer and driving a flying car… what a birthday! I wonder what it will be like when I turn 16 or 21!

In the last section of the tour we went through Diagon Alley, that was my favorite part. I loved to see where Harry, Ron and Hermionie would go and buy their school supplies, their wands and their pets.

Mom, can I get an owl PLEASE………

At the end of the tour we got to see a huge model of Hogwarts, it was so cool!

On the way out there was a gift shop. I wanted to get a Harry Potter broom as a birthday present, but then I decided not to, it might be hard to take with me on the train to Paris.

**My mom said since it was my birthday I had to add a couple of pictures of me as a baby, she is so weird **

Don’t mess with me, I have extra oxygen and I’m wearing clothes with bugs on them, the true sign of a tough guy!


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8 thoughts on “Shea’s Travel Journal – Harry Potter Studio Tour

  1. Meredith

    Happy Birthday Shea!! Miss you guys! xo meredith

  2. Hi,
    I would love to see the Harry Potter Studio, I think it would be a lot of fun, I really enjoyed all the movies.
    Beautiful photos, and I love the baby photos very cute. 🙂

    • Thanks! If you are ever in London the Harry Potter Studio tour really is fun for all ages! I agree the movies (and books) are great!

  3. Wow Shea sounds like a very cool birthday. i loved hearing your experience! please blog again. we really enjoyed it! Happy Birthay love Aunt Anne, Uncle Matt, Keaton and Maeve

  4. I’m totally jealous! Was it super crowded there?

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