Play Date At Pointe du Hoc

The boys running wild through Pointe du Hoc, up and down crater holes carved by the fierce bombardment from years ago, and in and out of what is left of the damaged German bunkers. The boys may always remember this as the greatest play date ever!

**A little history behind this play date, the boys go to school with two brothers, one in Zoli’s class, one is Shea’s class, and we seem to always be vacationing in or around the same area as their family, our travel plans so randomly cross paths that I think in a past life we must have traveled in a covered wagon caravan together across the great plains. Needless to say when I found out they were going to be in France not far from us, I was not all that surprised, very happy about it, but not totally surprised!**

This morning, we left our serene country cottage, or Gite as they say in here, in the heart of Frances Brittany Peninsula and drove up to Normandy where we would meet up with the Hanson Family.

All I can say is this place was Awesome!

First stop Pointe du Hoc. Of course in true Brady fashion we were late…. I would like to blame it on the kids, but I’m not really sure I can this time around! We easily found our friends, remember I told you we have this weird travel connection thing.

**Quick little history lesson, see how educational this blog is 🙂 , Pointe du Hoc is the location where the newly formed United States Army Ranger Group had to scale 100 feet cliffs in order to destroy the German guns that were in striking distance of both Omaha & Utah Beach, and would threaten the landing of allied forces on these beaches.**  

Of course much of this history was lost on the boys, but they loved running around with their friends. I think it was their best day of our trip/move so far!

I’ve got my eye on you, no funny business in there!

After the boys ran around for a while, we left Pointe du Hoc so that we could stop by the Omaha Beach Memorial Museum. Once again I am sure much of the significance of the museum was lost on the boys. However, they were pretty enamored by the “big guns” that they saw, I don’t know what it is about boys, we are certainly not a “gun loving” household and yet they are still in awe of tanks, and canyons and anything that blows up or causes a big boom. It’s possible I will just never understand this fascination.   I will admit that I thought the museum was really well put together and to be honest very moving. Reading the stories and reflecting on the sacrifices made by so many men, I couldn’t think about it too much or I would have been a crying mess. It is a place where it is easy to let your emotions overcome you!

WOW, that cannon is a LOT bigger then I am!

After the museum we took the boys down to Omaha Beach where they had a blast playing in the sand,the surf, building sand castles (that were being defended by plastic army guys, thanks museum gift shop) and they even had their first glimpse of “Naked Girl On French Beach”

Just having a play date in France

Why yes, this photo does show off my true photographic skills…. it showcases five boys that are all looking at the camera with smiles or near smiles on their faces. I am not sure this has ever before happened in all of the photographic world :)! ~Thanks boys for putting up with “just one more picture”

Much too quickly, our play date in Normandy had come to an end. Thanks so much Hanson Family, it was great to see you guys and get a little “taste of home”! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

Au Revoir Mes Amis

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2 thoughts on “Play Date At Pointe du Hoc

  1. Aunt Dawn,

    Jamie and I are soaking this all in. We have started watching travel videos to do our research before we see you next summer.
    Much happier sight at Normany Beach here than they show in the video :))

    Jamie is wondering how Zoli’s stomach is doing with all the chocolate.

    Everyone looks happy!
    XO, Meg and Jamie

    • Hi Meg & Jamie,

      That is great you guys are watching travel videos as research for next summer!What are you seeing that you want to do/visit when you come?

      Zoli is doing great with all the chocolate 🙂 but we are careful with what Chocolate he gets to have!

      I hope you guys have had a great start to your summer!

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