Celebrating 10 Beautiful Years

**I was trying to keep these blog posts in chronological order…. somehow that idea got steamrolled and now they are all over the place (time wise). I think getting out-of-order had something to do with crappy “spotty” internet access and wanting to get Shea’s Harry Potter Birthday Post up right after his birthday and Zoli’s Eiffel Tower post up in time to share with his classmates before the end of the school year. Now that we are all out of chronological order, watch out things could get really crazy 🙂 and just for background information, our 10 year anniversary was on May 18th 2012**

You may now kiss the bride!

Wow, It really has been ten years since the “Great” Rent-A- Reverend, (AKA Revrend Love Joy) officially pronounced us husband and wife, at the beautiful Peaceful Valley Ranch and Chapel outside of Boulder Colorado. Over the last ten years we have survived the birth and first nine years of being parents to three handsome,most of the time well-behaved little men, as well as surviving at least 5 moves, and countless travel adventures together! ~Shea keeps saying to me, but mom can’t we spend a summer at home. I think there is a good possibility the boys may grow up to live in a quiet little suburb and never go further than their own drive way since we are dragging them all over the place. Or I guess they could grow up to all live in different countries around the world……but then I would miss them sooooo much I would have to follow them everywhere and their future wives/girlfriends would think wow, you have a crazy mom (AKA too much baggage, and I mean emotional baggage that the kids will have not, my bags filled with all my shoes)

Thanks my love for all the great memories thus far, I can’t wait to see what we do with the next ten years!

Although we didn’t get a moment away from our three little men on our anniversary we did get to spend it in the English Countryside.

I woke up in our lovely stone cottage,

Of course it has one of the adorable half doors, it’s a stone cottage in the English Countryside!

to a bouquet of  beautiful spring flowers that Matt had purchased  at the neighboring Hartley Farm Shop & Cafe

Why Yes, I Do Have a Fabulous Husband

Of course I can’t pass up an opportunity to explore a farm shop before we headed into the town of Bath, Matt took us all back to the farm shop. While I ogled over the fresh produce the boys spent some time with Norbert & Jeremy  the guinea pigs.

But mom, why can’t I have a guinea pig for a pet?

and said ‘allo (trying to sound British while saying hello) to the horse

‘allo horse.

We may not look quite as good as we did in our wedding picture but, I wanted to have a photo of Matt and I together on our anniversary. Quinn was our photographer of the moment. I think for only being 4 years old he didn’t do too bad… or at least it is better than the other shot he took of us, from our waist to our knees…….

Oh, what a cute couple 🙂

Of course no ones tenth anniversary is complete with out a rousing game of mini golf with the kids. (Matt had a meeting for work so he had to head back to the cottage) Yup, mini golf is as “awesome” in England as it is in the US…. hmmm…. I wonder if mini golf in Holland has extra windmills on the course…..

The flag is a very important job in mini golf. Zoli is taking his position very seriously.

A hush falls over the crowd as Shea prepares for his final putt at the third hole.

Even though my mom hadn’t given me a bath in days she still thinks I look adorable in this pic 🙂

Then the boys and I checked out the traditional English phone booth, I mean really no trip to the UK is complete with out two things, riding a double-decker bus, (checked that off our list in London) and checking out the red phone booths. Of course first I had to explain to the kids what a phone booth is and why they have them when people could just use their cell phones to make a phone call, and were penny loafers really made so you could carry two dimes to make a phone call if you needed to? – OK, getting off topic, quick insert a picture and stop typing…..

hmmm… is this a time machine?

Our chauffeur for the day, oh, I’m sorry, I mean Matt, picked us up and we headed back to the cottage. Before I made dinner, with groceries from the farm store 🙂  I was able to got out for a run on this amazing country lane. It was distracting, every few minutes I had to stop and gaze at the beauty around me, stone fences covered in ivy and raspberry bushes, fields with sheep. Amazing!

This is my happy look how beautiful it is here pre run pose.

Wow, I sure do look blazing fast in this picture (yes this is dripping heavy with sarcasm)

So, there we go, a beautiful way to celebrate 10 beautiful years.

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