A Sunday Afternoon in Heidelberg

It started out like any other Sunday, we drove by the International School the boys would be shadowing at the next day…. oh wait, that is not how most Sundays start out……… in fact nothing the last few weeks has been like any other we have known! (both the good and the bad!)

To say everyday has been an adventure since we left Boulder 3 weeks ago would be a serious under statement! However, this specific Sunday started out with us driving by/getting lost on the campus of the international school the boys would be shadowing/interviewing at the next day and ended with a beautiful hike up the Crooked Lane to Philosophenweg in Heidelberg, but lets explain how one activity led to the next.

It has been an amazing opportunity to travel around and see so many different countries and cultures over the last few weeks, however, Matt and I (and the boys) are all feeling the pull to know where we are going to settle down, get a house and return to “normal”. All of us were excited to get into Frankfurt and know that this week we would look at schools in Frankfurt, Berlin and Freiburg. We like to drive by places to get a feel for them before we need to be there for “real”. On Sunday we drove around the campus, in Frankfurt, felt a bit deflated from our excitement, when the campus was not exactly what we thought it would be, but were still excited to see it “for real” the next day.

**and incase you were wondering how the school shadow visit went…. I should have picked up on the fact that graffiti was all over the campus and right near the primary building someone had spray painted fuck, was not a good sign.Then when we picked the boys up and Zoli said (in his scratchy little voice) “it was horrible” and Shea said, “it was so boring, the math class was working on things I did in 1st grade”(two years ago!) We knew it was not the right place for us!!**

Ok, back to Sunday, sorry to jump around so much. When we left  the campus, we saw a sign for Heidelberg and it was only 49K, (yup, I am so Euro now talking in kilometers, of course I have no idea how far a kilometer is…… ) Matt said, “I have heard Heidelberg is a cute town, want to go?” so we made a quick turn away from Frankfurt and headed toward Heidelberg. Kids singing in the backseat of the car. They love that I can video tape them on the iPad, and they try to out perform one another.

(insert video)

We get off the highway at the ausfahrt (or exit ramp, but you can imagine how much the boys like any word that sounds like it ends in fart) and with in seconds Matt got a speeding ticket from the “lightning”a speed camera (sorry Matt, that I am sharing this story, but since you posted it on Facebook I assume it is public knowledge” and, the ticket relates to the rest of the story) Feeling pretty deflated from the crummy school, the rain, a speeding ticket etc… we parked and headed up to the main square. We were sitting on a bench while the boys played tag, (yup, most of my photos on the blog are of the boys playing tag in different public squares in Europe) and played around in the town square.

Na na na na na na you can’t catch me!

I just love this smile – even if he is probably scheming behind that cute face!

Hmmm… no matter how much I think about this, I can’t figure out why my parents are dragging me all over the world, can’t we just stay home!!

Ahh well, I guess if my parents dragged me all the way over here, I might as well be silly and have some fun!

As we sat watching the boys play tag, this kind women sitting near us started talking to us, she has three granddaughters who live in the US, and thought our boys were adorable. We got to talking and Matt brought up that he just got a ticket, and she pulled out a HUGE bottle of beer from her husbands backpack and gave to Matt to make his day brighter and when he refused to take it she insisted “in the name of her relatives that have passed on.” Her and her husband were originally from Romania, and she told us that there is a Romanian phrase that people say when they offer a gift to another is they are offering the gift in honor of fmaily that has passed on. It is considered a sign of great disrespect to refuse the gift. She also told us about the famous Crooked Lane that leads up to the Philosophers Way with beautiful views of the city and castle.

Matt’s thinking to himself…. it’s been a loooong morning, will anyone notice if I drink this now? 🙂

After hearing about the Crooked Lane & Philosophers Way, named for the University Professors and Philosophers that were said to walk along this path years ago, we headed across the bridge to check them out.

I bet all our friends in Boulder (where the weather is hot and sunny) are jealous of all our sweaters :)! Seriously will summer EVER come to Europe?

Hmmmm……I wonder how cold that water is???? And why has no one ever built a slide into it, now that could be fun….

Quinn’s thinking, “it’s great they built this bridge with peep-holes for someone my size”

The view of the Heidelberg Castle as we crossed the bridge:

The boys wonder, Mom, “how did the castle get bombed?” I wonder….. I wonder what the dresses looked like at any great events held in the castle…. just one of many differences between boys and girls 🙂

The view from the base of the Crooked Path that lead up the hillside to Philosophers Way

We started our walk up the crooked lane:

It felt like we were walking into a fairy tale!

The view of town from halfway up the Crooked Lane:

If only I could find a nice view around this place 🙂

The boys halfway up – one of the many benefits of having “Colorado kids” is that they don’t balk (too much) at having to climb hills!

Bunny Ears Have Been Very Popular This Trip, They Never Get Old……..

We reached the top of the Crooked Lane and were rewarded with this stunning view of the city, well Matt and I loved the view, I think the boys were more interested in attacking small bushes with sticks as we walked along Philosophers Way….. boys will be boys right???

Turns out that Heidelberg is a pretty great place to spend a Sunday afternoon! Matt, I’m glad you took us there for the day!

He’s been working on his smile (for pictures) it’s getting there! What a sweet kid 🙂

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2 thoughts on “A Sunday Afternoon in Heidelberg

  1. Dawn,

    Thank you for a great story and making us feel like we are on the trip with you.

    Please remind Matt that our father loved the Heidelberg Inn — although he only knew it from the movie featuring Mario Lanza — and hoped to build a replic in the Chicago suburbs — SING ALONGs included with the fair.

    Love you, Meg and Jamie

    P.S. Jamie likes all the photos of the boys but especially of Shea wondering about whether summer will come — its smokin’ hot in Colorado.

  2. I keep thinking we are so lucky to not be in Colorado right now with how hot and dry it is there!!!
    I will let Matt know that your dad loved the Heidelberg Inn!
    Have a great 4th of July! We wish we were in Chicago with everyone celebrating!

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