Hiking In Bray Ireland

Maybe I should change this from a travel blog to a photo blog…. I think this is going to be another photo heavy blog post :)! But the boys are just so cute, I can’t help myself!

We were able to spend some time in Bray Ireland, otherwise known as the gateway to the Garden Of Ireland. The beauty in this part of the world is stunning! I really don’t know if I have been anywhere this beautiful before. These pictures are from a hike I did with boys.

Here we are getting ready to start the hike.

And we are on our way up the “mountain” If you look hard you might be able to see the little gap between Zoli’s teeth…. he lost his first tooth the other day :)! The tooth fairy paid in Euros! There was talk he wanted a more stable currency… but he got Euros and promptly spent it on a foam sword.

Shea found himself a hiking stick…… I think it’s big enough, what do you think?

The boys found this great tree to climb on…. mommy is working hard on not being a nervous freak when they climb on things… not sure how good I am doing that, but I’m trying!

Me and my sweet little ones at the top of the mtn. I love that view in the background, stunning! (and you should see it on a clear sunny day!)

ahhhh the view

This was the cross at the top of the mountain that we hiked to.

Quinn has turned into a Mountain Goat and insisted on running full speed down the mountain! I kept thinking he would wipe out, but we all made it down scratch free! Yeah a hike with no one bleeding, now that is a success!

Natures Jungle Gym……..

I got spoiled with hikes this week, I took the boys on this hike and the next day, Matt gave me some time away and I did the Bray to Graystones Cliff Walk, amazing! If you are ever in Wicklow on a Trip Of A Lifetime, this walk needs to be on your to do list!

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One thought on “Hiking In Bray Ireland

  1. Barb Miller

    GREAT Photo’s. Please continue sharing your wonderful adventures with us. Love you all!

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