Croagh Patrick


Croagh Patrick, the holy mountain, a place of ancient history. It was on the summit of this mountain in 441AD that St. Patrick, the holy saint of Ireland, fasted for 40 days. – lucky for the boys we only planned on hiking to the top and back down again…. not to mention the multiple snack breaks along the way!

The summit of Croagh Patrick from the parking lot – it didn’t look too bad from here……

Somewhere in the last few weeks the boys have found out just how much fun it is to give each other bunny ears…. not to mention the activity is portable and can be done anywhere….. even at the bottom of a sacred mountain!

Trying to give each other bunny ears just never gets old!

The hike was a rocky one…. which means one awesome thing, lots of rocks to smash against each other! Super Rock Factory all the way up the mountain!

Hey Mom, “This Rocks”!

Even though the boys snacked all the way up we still had to stop for an official “lunch break” If only the view was a little bit better 🙂

Half Way Up, boys still smiling – most of the time!

Yum, those are some delicious cheeks!

The final push up the mountain got a bit tough…. the boys started to lose their smiles, especially when we thought we were at the top, and it was a false peak….luckly it wasn’t much further and then we were at the top…. and what a view it was. I think the boys were all impressed with the view and with themselves for sticking with it and making it to the top! I know I was proud of them! It was quite a hike!

Yeah! The Top! – And Their Smiles Came Back!


Wow, look at that view of Clew Bay! Stunning!

Although it was a sunny day when we left when we made it to the top we were in a cloud!

Hey Mom! I’m In A Cloud!


My Love!

Quinn has proclaimed that if I’m not too old for him when he gets older he is going to marry me….. he likes to sneak into my arms anytime Matt and I are together 🙂 He’s a handsome kid so I don’t mind 🙂

Quinn likes to weasel his way in between Matt and I :)!

After admiring the views we headed down…. the kids spirits lifted on the way down and they started to get silly!

It’s A Lot Easier To Be Silly On The Way Down!

I have no idea what lead to this picture, but it cracks me up!


Matt, Shea and Quinn made it down before Zoli and I, so I only Z was blessed enough to get his picture taken with St. Patrick

Zoli on the way down


After we made it down the mountain we were all STARVING and headed into the adorable town of Westport (my new favorite town in Ireland) for dinner! The stars just kept aligning, we found a place that served Gluten Free Pizza! With a movie in the car, a hike and gluten-free pizza for dinner Zoli may have had his best day ever!

Despite all the fun we had, I think next weekend might have to be a little less physical activity!!! The boys were pretty exhausted from the hike! I think we will be looking for a swimming pool or amusement park for our next adventure!

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