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I”m thinking about changing the blog title, from The Lively Little Traveler to the Lazy Little Blogger ­čÖé …. it’s nearly mid August and I think I have blogged once in about 6 weeks. I would like to say it’s because I am just too busy exploring Ireland with the boys, but I think it might have more to do with being “busy” watching the 2012 Olympics (and wishing we would have made the trip to the UK to soak up some of the Olympic atmosphere!) Ohhhh well, I am still planning on someday knowing someone who is an Olympic athlete who will have an extra ticket for me to go to the Opening ceremonies (hint hint, if you think you will be competing in the 2014 or 2016 or any subsequent olympic games let me know and I will become your new BFF – sorry to any of my current BFF’s that are reading this I still love you!)

Here is a lively little recap of the past few weeks:

We experienced our first big American Holiday as an Expat and had a quiet little 4th of July in Dublin, mixing the best of both worlds by making Nutella Brownies (My reasoning is that Nutella is Euro and Brownies American so it was the perfect way to mix a little of both worlds) and riding a double-decker bus

Ummmm….. mom you know it would be a lot faster if you just let me eat the Nutella straight out of the jar!

why yes, if you whip cream too long it does turn into butter… not quite what we were going for. Good thing the store was close by and we could send Matt out to buy ice cream to go with the brownies!

Red, White and Blueberries

I’m pretty sure that the boys have got their eyes on AVOCA on the right – they just don’t know yet how much they love the hand-woven vegetable died knit products, the fabulous cafe, or the anthropologie – like clothes, oh wait, it’s me that loves Avoca….. well the boys will come around eventually right?

It is just a coincidence that the last photo had a Avoca in it and this one there is a Bank sign right behind me…. or is it a sign, shop and Avoca and right down the street is a bank (ATM)……

Sometime after the 4th of July Zoli lost his first tooth – oh wait, I just checked the date on the photos, he actually lost the tooth before the 4th of July, but keeping in the spirit of lazy blogging the picture is still going to go after the 4th of July….. that’s ok right?

The tooth fairy paid in Euros, Zoli’s not sure he got the best deal with the exchange rate…..

We spent an afternoon at the Greenan Farm Maze & Museum in the heart of stunning Wicklow Ireland

The boys checking out what we decided is the “Irish Man -Cave”

I think we found Matt’s next bike….. not sure how it will handle the Mtn. Passes in Colorado, but the retro style points would make up for any loss in technical performance.

There may or may not have been a sign that said the maze should be walked slowly allowing space for mediation…. I think the boys meditate better at full speed. OK, the reality is they had to race to the center, little to no meditation involved.

On July 14th we got tickets to the Shamrock Bowl the championship game of the American Football League in Ireland, it was the Limerick Vikings vs. the Belfast Trojans and what a battle it was. The funniest thing was the announcer who explained each play to the fans, apparently American Football is not that popular here, but I will admit I learned a few things about the game! I still don’t know as much as my 4 year old about football, but at least I’m learning.

This view makes it look like any football game you would see in the US – men in tight pants… Ummmm… I mean a foot ball team lined up and ready to play.

and this view highlights some of the differences….. the players holding hands before the game starts, and for a championship game there sure was no problem getting tickets to the game – notice all the empty seats!

The boys are cute, but look behind them at the stunning view from the stadium! This country is beautiful!

I sure do love these boys!

Now the lazy little blogger is getting tired, so I will need to post pictures from the Leprechaun Museum (yup Dublin has a Leprechaun museum, how cool is that) and the Limerick vs. Manchester City football/soccer match in a later post.

However, we did have a fun week, so a quick recap of the last 7 days,

The sun finally came out, yes the rumors about how much rain Ireland gets is true! It rains ALL THE TIME, but for a brief few days the sun came out! The boys loved it and celebrated with a giant water balloon fight in the back yard with their new friends.

At one point I think there were 15 little boys in the back yard with water balloons….and Zoli’s girlfriend, that boy is a smooth operator, no matter where we are he seems to find a lady friend!

The owners of the company Matt works for are in Dublin for a little bit of work and a little bit of fun. On Thursday it was all fun when one of the partners and his wife renewed their vows in the constitution room of the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin ┬á– the vow renewal took place in the very same spot that the Irish Constitution was drafted in 1922 – of course I think I have a bit of dyslexia, when I was reading about the constitution room I thought it said the Irish Constitution was drafted in 1992…. ummmmm apparently I need to review my history just a little bit! The room was stunning, the dinner was fabulous (they so kindly catered to the picky vegetarian!) and it was amazing to have a baby sitter for the kids and be out in the “adult world” the first time since we left Boulder in May! The only downside, I felt totally underdressed! When I was packing months ago I didn’t know we would be out in the fancy grown up world! The best I could come up with was a slightly anthropology inspired dress and sparkly belt…. why didn’t I use it as an excuse to go shopping…..

I think maybe I will only dine here with waiters wearing white gloves from now on!

On Saturday we hit the mall, Zoli has outgrown the pants I brought for him so the poor kid has been freezing in shorts all summer, yes you read that right, freezing in shorts in the summer, it has been cold here! Well, the people in Ireland don’t really think it’s cold, I think it’s cold! One day it was 65 degrees out and Matt went golfing that evening, he met someone on the golf course who said, wow it was such a scorcher today I couldn’t come out to golf until this evening! It’s so funny to hear 65 degrees talked about as a scorcher! I’m a little bit worried what winter will be like! We stopped at Gap and got him some pants then went to my absolute favorite little spot south of Dublin, in Graystones, Happy Pear. It is so cozy, has the most amazing food in the cafe and produce in the market, I wish I could just move right in! It was a wonderful day.

Sunday morning I got up and ran the Celbridge 5K, I had a great time running, but ran a little bit slower than I had wanted to ­čśŽ Then Matt went golfing in the afternoon. We are trying to figure out our next “move” since we need to leave the country since we don’t have our visas yet and we are waiting on a few things to fall into place. The adventure continues!

here is a parting photo before I get back to tackling all the laundry….. and to be honest the laundry is no more exciting in Ireland then it was in Colorado!

strawberries picked fresh from the back garden

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2 thoughts on “The Lazy Little Blogger

  1. Loved hearing the catch up. Sounds fab. curious about your next adventure??!! Love, Anne

    • Anne…. were curious about the next adventure ever….. I guess planning ahead is just not something we do well :)!

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