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The Best Ice Cream In The World

When our munchkins were little we started to develop “code” words for certain activities i.e.: carp (park) PITA (pain in the a**) and the list goes on. One of the most used when traveling was fagylalt (it is the Hungarian word for Ice Cream, and like melted ice cream, it stuck). Now that the boys have caught on  we have to relay on mental telepathy when we need to communicate with out the boys hearing us. – honestly the telepathy doesn’t work that well, if you have any suggestions let me know…

In the meantime here are some of our favorite ice cream shops around the world:

Dublin Ireland

Murphy’s Ice Cream

Try The Dingle Sea Salt Ice Cream (the Sea Salt comes from the Dingle Sea, it doesn’t get more local then that!) 

Murphy's Ice Cream Dublin

Murphy’s Ice Cream Dublin

Wassenaar Netherlands

Luciano I Jssalon

Best for when you can’t decide between ice cream or coffee – your coffee will come with a small ice cream cone! Amore!


Ice Cream = Joy (until the sugar high ends….)

Boulder Colorado


A Local Favorite!

Glacier Boulder Colorado

Glacier Boulder Colorado

Crested Butte Colorado

Third Bowl

Most amazing selection of dairy free ice cream I have ever seen (hint, try the non dairy cinnamon… heaven on earth)

Third Bowl Crested Butte Colorado

Ahhhh delicious!

Amsterdam Netherlands

Make Your Own Magnum Bar – clearly the most original ice cream idea we have came across!

I have no photos of this experience, but found a great blog that does,

Lifestyle Hunters

When you are in the mood for ice cream and feeling creative

When you are in the mood for ice cream and feeling creative

Steamboat Springs Colorado 

Lyon Drugs Soda Fountain

Best old fashioned ambiance!

Lyon Drug Soda Fountain

Lyon Drugs Soda Fountain

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Eating Vegan in Montreal

Aux Vivres Montreal Vegan Cafe & Juice Bar

One of the most enriching elements of travel is experiencing the world through the culture of food. Being a vegetarian I find this to be an exciting and sometimes challenging undertaking! In the past I have worried that by not eating meat I might be limiting myself to essential parts of a culture that may revolved around a meat centric diet. With a little bit of exploration I have found that being a vegetarian opens up so many wonderful and unique opportunities to connect with the local foodie culture.

One website that I find to be a lifesaver when it comes to vegetarian travel is Happy Cow. Although Montreal is known for having a strong foodie culture with top chefs it was a challenge to find places that were family friendly, but not touristy bad food.  When I finally uncovered Aux Vivres we only had two days left in Montreal….. I probably would have eaten there 20 times if we had discovered it earlier.

The mission at Aux Vivres  is “to disprove misconceptions about vegan cooking by offering a wide variety of inspired, satisfying meals that are every bit as tasty as they are healthy.” After eating “kid friendly” for weeks on end, the food and friendly atmosphere at Aux Vivres nourished our body and soul. The boys were grinning to have a delicious Tropicalia smoothie and to eat food similar to what we eat when we are home. They devoured plate after plate of brown rice, tofu and broccoli, while I had the Dragon Bowl one day and the Californienne (a salad) the next.  Being a vegetarian I am accustomed to going to a restaurant and only having one or maybe two choices on the menu, when I can eat anything on the menu it always feels a bit daunting to pick something!  Rest assured at Aux Vivres everything is amazing!

You will leave feeling full and energized after a healthy meal with delicious innovative flavors created with local and seasonal produce. The food impressed me so much that after having lunch there with the boys one day we went back for dinner with my husband the next!

Aux Vivres Vegan Cafe & Juice Bar

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